1.891 billion
Life expectancy
69 years
  • Hindu 64%
  • Islam 29%
  • Sikkhism 2%
  • Buddhism 2%
  • Christian 2%


Estimated people living with HIV
Sources: World Bank, World Health Organization & CIA World Factbook


The vision of Shalom is to bring hope and transformation to the lives of those living with HIV in a large city of Asia. This city has many seasonal migrants, including people living with HIV who come from neighbouring states to seek out effective care and treatment. Sadly, many are unable to access the medical assistance they need. Shalom stands in this gap by providing holistic care to families, widows and transgender people who are living with or impacted by HIV.

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Partnerships for Transformation

Partnerships for Transformation (P4T) aims to build the capacity of local leaders, fellowships, health and development workers by encouraging, equipping and supporting them to express His love to those in need.

P4T is involved in a variety of projects to encourage empowerment and transformation of poor and/or marginalised individuals and communities. These include: health promotion, female drug and alcohol rehabilitation, counselling, advocacy, clean water and sanitation, self-help groups, income generation activities, adult literacy, safe migration, disaster/COVID response and resilience.

In order to reduce stigma, encourage inclusiveness and to reflect the changing situation and needs of the wider community, HIV ministry has been integrated into more general ministry, such that:

  • Care and support for people living with HIV is currently being expanded to include people living with other chronic illnesses
  • HIV awareness is now taught alongside other health and hygiene topics
  • HIV affected people are encouraged to join in general self help groups, income generation and community activities
  • For groups of people at higher risk of HIV, such as Badi (prostitution caste), HIV awareness, care and support are included as components of a broader ministry approach.

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