What we do

Hope for Life is founded on local responses to local needs. Key areas of effort include:

Medical Support

Our hospital and clinic-based medical settings provide a range of support services for communities. In meeting people’s physical needs, the heart of Hope for Life’s medical ministries is to express the love and compassion of Christ and to bring hope amidst the challenges faced by those living with HIV.

Some of our medical support ministries include:


Many of our ministries and projects focus on mobilising volunteers through local churches and communities to care for the needs of people affected by HIV. Through visits, helping with physical and practical needs, providing care, teaching, listening and being an expression of Christ’s love, the lives of many people have been greatly impacted.

Some of our projects providing Care include:


With a focus on encouraging and empowering people to meet their own needs and those of their families and/or communities, Hope for Life’s development ministries and projects seek to build capacity and support and resource people’s creativity and initiative towards sustainable livelihoods.

Some of our Development initiatives include:


Our ministries and projects seek to contribute towards a reduction in the transmission of HIV by increasing knowledge and understanding in key communities, and promoting positive behaviours and safe, supportive environments.

Some of our Prevention projects include:

Equipping the local church

Hope for Life ministries and projects emphasise partnership with the local church. Through the provision of knowledge, understanding and training, the local church is equipped to express the Gospel in communities through compassionate ministries. We encourage relevant church responses by providing current and future leaders with theological education and practical training.

Some of our efforts to equip the local church include: