Our story

Since the early 1990s, SIM and its partners have actively responded to issues of HIV and AIDS through collaborative health and development projects in over 14 countries. This effort was originally under the umbrella of ‘HOPE for AIDS’ and focused on bringing HOPE through key ministry areas of Home-based care, Orphan care, Prevention and Enabling the community.

In 2016, as we reflected on 20+ years, we saw that our efforts – though initially focused on helping people to die well – were now about giving life. And so our name was changed to Hope for Life!

Read more about the legacy of HOPE for AIDS and the history of SIM’s HIV effort here



Our Purpose

Convinced that no one should live and die without hearing God’s good news, we cross barriers and open doors into communities where people are affected by HIV; to serve them, to proclaim Christ and to make disciples in these places where He is least known.



Our Mission

Compelled by God’s great love and empowered by the Holy Spirit…..

  • We cross barriers (geographical and social) to proclaim the crucified risen Christ, expressing His love and compassion among those to whom He is least known, with a focus on people living with and affected by HIV.
  • We seek – in meeting the needs of people and through nurturing relationships – to make disciples who will trust and obey Jesus and become part of Christ-centred churches.
  • We equip churches to respond to local HIV needs/issues, to express the Gospel through compassionate ministries and to disciple devoted followers of Christ.

Our Hope

…..that our distinct, Christ-centred and compassion-driven responses will bring about whole-of-life transformation in individuals, families and communities impacted by HIV and related issues (e.g. addiction, trafficking and exploitation, trauma, poverty, displacement).

……that we will enhance the effectiveness of our efforts to address HIV and related issues by fostering a culture of collaboration, ideas exchange, capacity building and mutual encouragement through a global Network of locally-led projects and ministries.