The Country

105 million
Life expectancy
66 years
Population living below international poverty line
  • Ethiopian orthodox 43.5%
  • Islam 33.9%
  • Protestant 18.6%
  • Traditional 2.7%
  • Catholic 0.7%

HIV Snapshot

Estimated people living with HIV
Estimated adult (15-49 years) prevalence
Incidence rate per 1 000 uninfected population
HIV prevalence in key populations
  • Sex workers 24%
Sources: World Bank, World Health Organization & CIA World Factbook

Anchor for Generations

Anchor for Generations seeks to equip and empower local church leaders, pastors, marriage and family coordinators, and youth leaders to exercise true discipleship and make discipleship a core agenda of the church. The ministry approach involves training and teaching, supervision and monitoring, and follow-up networking and sharing, with a current focus on:

  • Biblical Leadership Development (for elders and pastors)
  • Healthy families (for married couples, children and youth)
  • Outward mission (including evangelism, church planting and discipleship).

Through this, the vision is to encourage the development of children, families, churches, and communities to live Godly, righteous and healthy Christian lives.

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Ethiopia ACT

Ethiopia ACT began as a ministry to reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS on extremely poor families, but has grown to include other public health strategies that serve the wider community, as well as educational and psychological support for vulnerable children. Gospel-centred evangelism, discipleship, and church planting are woven through all aspects of Ethiopia ACT.

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