16.5 million
Life expectancy
62 years
Population living below international poverty line
  • Protestant 74.8%
  • Roman Catholic 7.3%
  • Other Christian 5.3%
  • Traditional 1.5%
  • Muslim 0.5%


Estimated people living with HIV
Estimated adult (15-49 years) prevalence
Incidence rate per 1 000 uninfected population
HIV prevalence in key populations
  • Men who have sex with men 31%
  • Sex workers 56%
Sources: World Bank, World Health Organization & CIA World Factbook

Today for Tomorrow - Southern Africa Regional Project

Today for Tomorrow (T4T) is a discipleship, health and HIV prevention curriculum aimed at strengthening the character of children and youth in areas of trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and good citizenship.

Initially developed in Zimbabwe, Today for Tomorrow (T4T) is now a regional program. Currently, T4T is active in Botswana, Namibia, Malawi, South Africa, the Kingdom of eSwatini and Zimbabwe.

Working specifically with church denominations, organizations and communities, T4T trains volunteers, children’s workers and Sunday school teachers, and provides comprehensive curriculum resources.

T4T seeks to share the love of God, displayed through Jesus Christ, and contribute to a healthy and HIV/AIDS free generation. It utilises a holistic approach, supporting the physical, spiritual, social, mental and emotional development of children and youth.

Want to know more? Contact international.hopeforlife@sim.org

Windows of Hope

Windows of Hope has been addressing issues of HIV in Mutare and surrounding regions for over a decade now. Originally a ministry of SIM, leadership and management of Windows of Hope is now with the United Baptist Church (UBC) in Zimbabwe.

Windows of Hope was founded on the H.O.P.E model: Home-based Care – Orphans & Vulnerable Children – Prevention – Enabling. Today it continues to focus on people living with HIV and vulnerable children (see project details below).

Find out more at https://www.facebook.com/WoHZim/
Want to know more? Contact international.hopeforlife@sim.org

Supports orphans and vulnerable children impacted by HIV and AIDS to remain in their community, where possible with extended family. We do this by training church volunteers to support these children and families through regular home visits. We also provide for education sponsorship and food assistance, including the establishment of gardens in some communities to meet the nutritional needs of disadvantaged families, and goat projects to supply families with milk as well as an income source. Additionally holiday camps focus on encouraging and empowering the young people as they grow.

Assists people with palliative care needs (related to the management of health conditions including HIV, cancer, tuberculosis and diabetes) through the provision of support groups and home-based care. We train volunteers to visit and care for the sick, and provide financial assistance for prescribed medicines, food and hospital fees.

An initiative to provide income generating support particularly for those engaged through the other programs of Windows of Hope. It empowers beneficiaries to explore their business ideas, supporting the development of business cases and the provision of start-up capital. This financing is a rotation fund model, with money loaned to others as it is paid back.

Operation Neighbour Care

Supports holistic care for adults and vulnerable children affected by HIV in rural Gokwe. We do this by training church volunteers to care for the sick, providing educational assistance for orphans and vulnerable children, helping reduce HIV transmission rates in the community, and ensuring food and nutrition security.

Our project also addresses extreme poverty among people living with HIV, including widows and breadwinner orphans, by encouraging income generating activities and micro-enterprises.

Want to know more? Contact international.hopeforlife@sim.org